Job Opening


Job Industry Furniture
Job Type Full-Time
Experience Level Associate
Date Posted 2020-02-13
Job Location Mabalacat, Pampanga
Job Description Company Nurse Responsibilities: Develop and implement health and safety programs. Provide emergency treatment in the workplace. Administer over-the-counter medication to employees. Create a clean, and comfortable sickbay area. Promote healthy eating and wellness programs. Document all employee injury and illness and keep this information confidential. Improve the health of employees through on-going programs and health checks. Develop strategies to ensure maximum employee work input. Communicate with management on a regular basis. Attend seminar workshops on HIV/AIDS, Gender Sensitivity, Family planning, and Stress Management.
Job Qualifications Company Nurse Requirements:
Nursing School Degree.
Preferably a Registered Nurse.
Working experience as a company or a regular nurse.
Comprehensive Clinical Training in Occupational Health and Nursing.
Excellent communication and organizational skills.
Critical-thinking skills.
A warm and caring disposition.
Number of Job Opening 15
Highest Education Attainment College Graduate
How to apply to this job Kindly send your resume to

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