Job Opening

Product Specialist

Job Industry Telecommunications
Job Type Full-Time
Experience Level Associate
Date Posted 2021-02-12
Job Location Angeles City, Pampanga
Work-from-Home/Telecommute Offered
Company Information Blackedge Digital
Unit 12 VL Plaza
Sampaguita St. Fil-am Friendship Hiway
Angeles City, Pampanga
Our team just doesn't represent people doing their job,
Our team represents people working together to achieve one goal,
to be the best they can be.
Our team doesn't just come to work,
Our team attends their career and indulges in their passion!
Our team are Extremely sharp in every way!
Our team are the unfair advantage!
Our Team are the Black Edge, the sharpest and clean edge that can cut through anything they desire.
Black Edge Digital Marketing the unfair advantage!
Let's Play!
Job Description Temporarily work from due to COVID 19
Job Qualifications Minimum Qualifications:

1. Bachelor’s Degree in Marketing or Business Administration.
2. A strong background in Information Technology and any related field is a strong plus.
3. Preferably have a background in Marketing, Advertising, Brand Management or Sales.
4. Can easily adapt to changes and thirst in learning.
5. Can work under minimum supervision.
6. Must have charisma and good communication skills.

Job Description:

1. To have Knowledge about your Brand. Knowledge is key, the insights to your brand are essential, learn why this Brand is the powerhouse, the strength of your brand (where they may sit in the marketplace). Concentrate on what has made them so successful, concentrate on the passion that they started with. The effort you put in here will unleash the pathway that will help make your brand stand out in a crowded market. It’s not all about the price that we sell for, it’s how we make the brand stand out, how we justify why the customer should buy it off us as we have teamed with the best brands ever to give them the solution they’re looking for or need.

2. To Have Knowledge of Products, Key Features, the Pros and Cons. The cons are also important in case a customer throws a question at you and you need to defend your brand.

3. Pricing, work with the Managing Director and the Rep of the Brand to make sure we are competitive. Focus is key, the tools that we are building to help you with this are amazing but not bulletproof. Keep your finger on the pulse at all times.

4. Work with the General Manager for Outreach, including Link Building, that contributes to our SEO strategy.

5. Content Marketing by producing content, you can work with your reps with this and run anything you have thought of by the team. Social media content is needed, if you have any new release in products that is exciting please show it to the marketing team and help our social media and Email Campaigns by creating email blasts.

6. You should know your SEO Analysis and Competitor Analysis.

7. Helping Customer Support with any problems which includes damage control, you should be able to defend your brand as you know the ins and outs of it, (We know this is only early days and you can’t know everything about your brand yet, but Knowledge is King and make sure you become the best in your field).

8. Organise brainstorm sessions with the marketing team
Number of Job Opening 2
Highest Education Attainment College Graduate
How to apply to this job Kindly send your resume to

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