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Merchandiser Coordinator

Job Industry Logistics and Supply Chain
Job Type Full-Time
Experience Level Mid-Senior Level
Date Posted 2019-03-13
Job Location Angeles City, Pampanga
Company Information Value Chain Solutions Inc
#1 Friendship Hiway Brgy. Cutcut
Angeles CIty, Pampanga
Value Chain Solutions, Inc. is a top calibre sales and distribution company covering the entire North, East & Central Luzon, living up to the purpose of providing products and services with superior quality and value that improve the lives of the world’s consumers.

VCSI continuously strives to be a best in class sales and distribution Company delivering consistent best in class results, driven and sustained by a high-performing organization supported by the best processes, systems, and logistics. VCSI actively aims to be the most preferred partner of local and multi-national suppliers, aspiring to be of value and service to the communities where we live and work.

Brands currently representing: Procter & Gamble (P&G), Monde Nissin Corporation, Del Monte Philippines Inc., San Miguel Purefoods, Tata Motors & Castrol.
Job Description DUTIES & RESPONSIBILITIES As a Merchandising Coordinator, you shall perform the following functions and duties, to with: I. OPERATIONS a. INVENTORY MANAGEMENT i. Regularly check merchandiser’s compliance to the implementation of First to Expire, First-Out (FEFO) Method by checking expiration date of products displayed in the selling area during every visit in the outlet and by analyzing code monitoring report being submitted by the merchandisers. For biscuits, always check crunchiness of products by slightly crushing the pack. ii. Ensure that merchandisers are doing the Customer Call Sheet to be submitted to the DKAS or Booking Salesman. iii. Properly check and thoroughly validate code monitoring report randomly by conducting actual physical inventory in the outlets at least once every 2 months. For Monde Nissin Products: • Monde Nissin products must be reported as critical stocks (near expiry) 2 months prior to the expiration date indicated. It must be reported on a weekly basis thereafter until such time that said critical stocks are depleted or pulled-out from the outlet at least 1 week before the expiration date. See Pullout Guidelines. • NEX products must be pulled-out from the shelves or selling area 1 week prior the expiration date. It must be properly accounted for, labeled and placed in the outlet's warehouse. • Expired products (products beyond pull-out date/have reached expiration date) must NEVER be displayed in the selling area. It must be properly accounted for, labeled and placed in the outlet's warehouse. b. DISPLAY AND MERCHANDISING MANAGEMENT i. Ensure merchandisers maintain prominent, attractive, dominant and clean product display, by regularly visiting the outlet: at least once a week for all accounts or depends on the number of outlets being covered. 1. See to it that merchandisers follow standard plan-o-gram or set display guidelines; any changes or non-compliance must be immediately & properly reported to the OM/DSS for proper action. 2. Request, withdraw, distribute and monitor issuance & installation of POP materials on a quarterly basis or as needed especially during any outlet opening. Record POP materials received and issued through the logbook. Ensure merchandisers acknowledge any POP materials received. 3. Reconcile POP materials received and issued and submit inventory to the OM/DSS on a weekly basis. ii. Ensure merchandisers: 1. Install POP materials within 3 days after issuance 2. Ensure POP materials are always clean and in right form 3. Install POP materials properly: a. Monde for Monde Biscuits only b. Lucky Me! For All Noodles c. MY San for MMY Biscuits only d. NamNam for LM! NamNam only e. Mama Sita’s for Mama Sita’s only f. Monde Special Mamon for Monde Special Mamon only g. Dutch Mill for Dutch Mill Yoghurt only h. One One for One One Rice Snacks only i. Mama Sita’s for Mama Sita’s only j. Special POP materials for specific product brand 4. Replace POP Materials when: a. Dirty (can no longer be cleaned) b. Broken/Damaged c. Dilapidated d. Old/Outdated iii. Ensure that stocks are replenished in all areas of display as needed, act as merchandiser when needed. iv. See to it that product display dominate in all areas based on product classification and display location (mass or island, tactical display, promo display and shelf display) 1. Mass Display a. DO'S i. Position display at high consumer traffic areas ii. Place display near prime commodities (such as sardines, sugar, cooking oil) and not on dead spots. iii. Cross merchandise with related items b. DON’T'S i. Don't put displays too early in the flow of traffic ii. Do not select a display out of traffic flow iii. Don't place display beside a possible obstruction iv. Don't position display near the shelf display as it will look like a shelf extension v. Don't position display at areas near laundry soap, insecticides and rice grains vi. Do not put display close to the entrance or exit of the store v. Coordinate and negotiate with store personnel for additional shelf space or free mass displays for bundling/merchandising activities. vi. You shall conduct and submit accurate Shelf Measurement and Facing Monitoring Report on a quarterly basis vii. Monitor merchandising materials such as gun tagger, pushcart & P.O.P materials c. REPORTS AND ADMIN i. Check accuracy of price mark/ price tag during every visit in the outlet. 1. Ensure price/shelf tag is up to date, correct, clear & clean. 2. Ensure price tags are big and readable and aligned with our products 3. Ensure merchandiser use black Ink to highlight prices. ii. Collect and check pricing reports and submit to MNC on February and July or as needed. iii. Ensure competitive activities are reported and submitted to MNC as soon as it is spotted through Flash or Competitive Report. iv. Ensure merchandiser accomplish and submit all required reports accurately and as scheduled: 1. Customer Call Sheet Report (ICO) 2. Price Monitoring 3. Competitive Report 4. Code Monitoring Report 5. Product Facing & Shelf Measurement v. Collect and validate timesheets, overtimes, transportation and other related expenses submitted by merchandisers. vi. Checks Merchandiser’s Expense Reports to find out if entries are all justified and within budget. d. ORIENTATION, TRAINING AND SUPERVISION OF MERCHANDISERS i. Shall adhere to the company and outlet policies and standards; due process must be strictly observed. ii. Shall perform other functions and duties as Management may require of you in connection with your position, of which functions and duties you shall be duly notified via memorandum. iii. Checks and monitors the attendance of all Merchandisers. iv. Ensures 100% achievement of all standards set by Monde Nissin and company. v. Provides the merchandisers the documents they need to do their jobs effectively. vi. Maintains good relationship with other Distributor departments and outlet personnel so merchandising activity can be done effectively. vii. Regularly visits assigned outlets in accordance with coverage/itinerary plan and by strictly observing BASIC CALL PROCEDURES through the proper accomplishment of DAR. viii. Conduct Merchandisers meeting at least once a month. ix. Follow company/outlets policies rules and regulations at all times. x. Establish good rapport with outlet personnel. xi. Attend to customer’s suggestions and complaints. xii. Based on Distributor’s requirements and directions given by your OM/DSS, determines number of manpower required, and submits this requisition to HRD. xiii. Prepare Kamustahan report on a weekly basis and discuss it during alignment meeting with DKAS/Booking Salesman/MSP/MSX Salesman/CVS Salesman. xiv. Screens and interviews applicants for Merchandisers. xv. Orients and trains incoming Merchandisers to ensure that they are able to perform their assigned tasks effectively. xvi. Deploys Merchandisers in all assigned outlets, facilitating their introduction and acceptance in the outlet. xvii. Monitors merchandisers’ contracts and compliance on hiring requirements. xviii. Monitor merchandisers schedule and provide update in any deviation xix. Periodically evaluates Merchandiser’s performance during training and while on the job. xx. Follows all policies of the Distributor, including those on attendance and punctuality, proper accomplishment of forms, conduct and behavior. xxi. Ensures the timely submission of reports to OM/DSS. xxii. Prepares memo regarding any violation of Merchandisers as part of due process. xxiii. Recommends disciplinary action on people over which he is in-charge.

A. Aptitudes and Capacities
1. Ability to understand and apply basic merchandising guidelines
2. Verbal ability to communicate effectively, when describing products, discussing prices or resolving complaints.
3. Numerical ability to calculate facings, ICO, and inventory reports
4. Clerical ability to maintain accurate records of transactions and to prepare required reports.
5. Can do other functions as prescribed from time to time by the OM/DSS

B. Training & Entry Requirements
1. College degree holder preferably along the area of management, marketing or its equivalent.
2. Preferably with product experience followed by a selling experience of at least a year.
3. Should pass MNC Distributor Personnel Qualifying Exam

C. Occupational Requirements
1. Self-confidence and initiative to manage own activities
2. Capacity to do extensive travelling
3. Attention to details
4. Flexibility and creativity
5. Cost consciousness
6. Emotional resiliency
7. Team player
8. Versatile
Highest Education Attainment College Graduate
How to apply to this job If interested kindly send your resume through or visit our office at #1 Friendship Hi-way barangay Cutcut Angeles City Pampanga
Contact Info Rowie Punsalan
Contact Phone : 09550914672 Contact Email : This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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